The Right People For The Job

Highly skilled, hardworking, dependable, ready to work—these are just a few words to describe the phenomenal workforce in the NETEA region. The diverse industrial make-up of our region has helped produce a trained workforce with a wide array of skill sets sure to meet your needs.


Population & Workforce
2014 2019 Projection
Total Population 8,52,728 8,84,723
15+ Population 6,73,655 6,98,931
Labor Force
Number Percent
Employed 3,73,884 95
Unemployed 21,123 53


California Texas
Mean Annual Salary $52,350 $43,620
Avg. Hourly Earnings/Manufacturing $20.20 $18.55
Workers Compensation/$100 of Covered Wages $1.34 $40

Major Employers

Morningstar Foods Schneider Electric Ocean Spray
AEP/SWEPCO Mohawk Industries Preifert
Skeeter Products General Dynamics Argon Medical
Hydro-Aluminum Pilgrim’s Pride Halliburton Energy
Seismic Energy Products Walmart Distribution Legacy Housing, LTD

Industry Sectors


With at least one college campus in each NETEA community, there is an abundance of educational opportunities including associate degree, master degree, continuing education and specialized workforce training programs. There are a total of 4 colleges and universities serving our communities and an additional 11 colleges, universities and technical training institutions within an hour’s drive.

Secondary Institutions

  • Kilgore College
  • Northeast Texas Community College
  • Texas A&M University-Commerce
  • Trinity Valley Community College
  • Paris Junior College

Educational Attainment

Number Percent
Total 25+ $49.93
< Grande 9 39.127 7.1
Grades 9-12 59.81 10.9
High School 172.644 31.4
Some College 138.012 25.1
Associate Degree 28.186 6.9
Bachelor Degree 69.846 12.7
Graduate Degree 32.301 5.9